Featured Story: Hidden Treasures in Tuckerton

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Featured Story: Hidden Treasures in Tuckerton

Emily Leeds, Staff Writer

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“Tuckerton is a place where a life can begin and end. I was born here, went to school here, and met my husband here. The neighbors are kind and the people are close,” long-time resident Charlotte Sutton describes life growing up in Tuckerton, recounting living in a town with good people and fun times. She, like many residents of this small town, find Tuckerton to be a small place on the map, but a large place in the hearts of those who travel here.

Tuckerton, New Jersey is a small town that offers big things. With hidden trails, beautiful scenery, and delicious eateries, this town in Ocean County quickly becomes a favorite among its residents. Hidden behind it’s small town appeal, Tuckerton provides both wooded and beachy areas, meaning there is something for everyone here.


Less than twenty miles from Tuckerton lies Long Beach Island, a place filled with fun nightlife and beautiful beaches that fill the 18-mile stretch of island. Wife and mother, Becka Keltner is mom to two small children and always loves to find fun things to do for date night on Long Beach Island with her husband Kevin.

“Kevin and I enjoy shopping at Bay Village and dinner at the MKT Eatery with a walk on the beach to end our perfect date night,” said Becka Keltner who is currently a temporary resident of Long Beach Island until her upcoming move to Tuckerton this spring. Long Beach Island provides a fun destination for families looking for a weekend getaway or even a week long vacation.


Also called Great Bay Boulevard, Seven Bridges road is located on the outskirts of Tuckerton and displays beautiful views onto the Great Bay. The details of this road are all in the name, Seven Bridges with a total of five bridges located on the seven mile stretch of road, the sixth and seventh bridges were never built. This road is great for scenic bike rides, and has also been used for some of this towns local races, including a Half Marathon and 5K.

“The beautiful water and local wildlife make these races so relaxing and fun for everyone. My kids love seeing the seabirds and boats as they run the Great Bay races,” said local Lisa Schultz, and avid runner around Tuckerton.

A large abandoned building lies on one of the islands to the east, the island is known locally as “Fish Island” and it holds the remaining structure of the Crab Island Fish factory. Abandoned in 1972, this island is closed to the public due to the danger it holds, but the dilapidated building adds a thrilling element to the ride down Seven Bridges.


Along Main Street in Tuckerton lies The Emporium. At first glance this small business appears to contain antiques for the home but, inside the wooden, french-style doors lies a shop with a beautiful collection. Homemade products, including candles, beauty, clothing, and home supplies are favorites among customers with glamorous design elements for the home being displayed from floor to ceiling. This two-floored building is larger than it appears and is delightful to customers.

“The Emporium is a place filled with beautiful products at reasonable prices,” said local resident Sana Tariq, an avid shopper and trend seeker. Although Tuckerton does not possess many shopping opportunities, a look around The Emporium is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.


On scenic Tuckerton Creek is the Dockside Cafe. With friendly staff and delicious food this restaurant provides an experience of casual waterfront dining. Not only does the Cafe provide breakfast all day, but to dine there is an experience in itself with its dynamic views of the marina.

Long-time customer Charlotte Sutton calls the Dockside Cafe, “One of [her] favorite places to eat in Tuckerton. The staff are friendly and the food is always so good.” The Dockside is a perfect place for both intimate dates and family dining with something for everyone on their extensive menu. Offering fresh fish from local fisherman and a pleasant atmosphere, the Dockside Cafe presents both a love for its community and for its customers.


The Union Market and Gallery is Tuckerton’s newest small business and is located within the Tuckerton Seaport, providing amazing vistas into the marina. The Union was created by a group of local female entrepreneurs who have a passion for creating and a love for homemade foods and products.

“Being avid art advocates, we promote working with your hands as a lifestyle, and are fully committed to the establishment of a makers-driven, patron-focused destination,” said creative artisan and Union Markets resident florist Erin Eastburn.

From personal experience, this coffee shop provides a wonderful experience starting with its delicious food and friendly service and including a modern style market containing shelves of handcrafted jewelry, clothing, mugs, and paintings. The Union provides a variety of breakfast and lunch options as well as a full menu of hot and cold beverages. Students from the local Pinelands Regional High School find the Union Market as a great place to get caught up on their busy schedules.

“I love the convenience of grabbing something to eat and being able to study in a quiet place,” said student Kristen Tsamos who enjoys going to the Union Market to study and meet up with friends. The Union Market provides a trendy, modern place for people of all ages to meet and spend time with one another.


Freedom Fields is a recreational venue with soccer, baseball, and softball fields. This sports complex, located off of Route 539, has a children’s playground, and features a beautiful wooded hiking trail. Quickly becoming a favorite among runners and hikers this 2.1 mile trail provides shade and a variety of different terrains. Fields are open to the public and can be used for a variety of sporting ventures.

“My kids love being outdoors and the fields provide a clean, safe environment where we can go throw a football or play soccer,” said mom and Tuckerton Native Kristie Cyphert on the convenience and safety the Freedom Fields complex provides.


Tuckerton, New Jersey may not be first on a “top places to visit” list, but this small town offers a place to get closer to nature and to family.