Movie Review: The Bucket List

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Movie Review: The Bucket List

Ben DeFiglio, Staff Writer

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The Bucket List is a comedy/drama/action-adventure film directed by Rob Reiner and stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

Edward Cole (Nicholson) and Carter Chambers (Freeman) are both diagnosed with the same terminal illness, and are forced to share the same hospital room.

With time, the two polar-opposite men forge a bond and decide to escape the hospital to do all the things they have always dreamed about.

By reading the title, you have a very clear understanding of how the story will unfold. Nicholson and Freeman do a terrific job with their characters, as the chemistry between the two is evident and enjoyable to watch. However, this is one of the few pros this film has to offer.

The narrative itself is very lackluster and incredibly predictable. Nicholson’s character goes through the standard “selfish guy turns into a good guy after being humbled by someone’s sacrifice.”

The action scenes are downright rudimentary and the stunt doubles are very noticable. The comedic aspect is present, but is sporadic and only got a few chuckles out of me.

Where the film really struggles is in creativity, and solely relies on the tear-jerking performances of Freeman and Nicholson to cover up the generic last ride narrative we have seen a million times. Most people will enjoy the movie; alas the film does nothing daring or awe-inspiring and is nothing but a safe box office hit.

Overall, I rate this film a C+.