Featured Story: Balance

Bella Esposito, Staff Writer

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Balance can be used physically and mentally. Candidate, Bob Dole shows how being unbalanced can result in an embarrassing situation. He was up on stage in front of a large audience and fell off of the stage. Imagine watching the candidate who is running for president suddenly fall off of a stage while giving an important speech to hundreds of people.

It all started when she was very young. She loved the art of balance. In her life, she took the word balance and placed it into cheerleading. She became a cheerleader when she was only eight years old. She is now twenty years old and still continues to cheer. This is her last and final year of her cheerleading career. Technically, she “ages out” or “graduates” from being a cheerleader when she is eighteen, but she decided to stick the sport out for two additional years.

A term called “super senior” is used in the cheerleading industry. A super senior is someone who decides to cheer for one more year when they are eighteen or nineteen. In addition to that, she wanted to cheer for another year. Since she has already graduated high school and super seniored, she must be placed on an international team. An international team is made of athletes who are too old to be on a team with athletes eighteen or younger and a super senior team.

Cheerleading itself is very complex. There are so many different aspects to it. There are coaches, athletes, endless hours of practice, competitions and more.

But what about everything else in her life? She realized that there is more to life than just cheerleading. This is where balance came into play. As an athlete, she needed to make sure she made time for her social life and school life. She had to balance time for friends, for her family family, and for her schoolwork and cheerleading.

Social life is important to her because she knows she needs friends, family and others in her life. Friends are people she needs to have when she needs something so little, like a shoulder to cry on or someone by your side through all of the ups and downs throughout life. Her friends and family are very helpful and supportive.

She knows the importance of academic life because trying her best in school will help her succeed in the future . This can be very hard sometimes considering cheerleading takes up a lot of time, but she still managed to balance her time correctly and keep up with everything.

She also had to set goals for herself. By setting goals, she kept even better track of herself. She set goals in school, her social life and cheerleading. In school she wanted to consistently have good grades and get all of her work in on time. She also scheduled days to hangout with her friends. Cheerleading wise, she wanted to accomplish so much skill by the end of each cheerleading season. Setting goals can help people stay on track and impact in positive ways.

She also used balance in a physical way. Physical balance helps to avoid getting hurt or injured. As a flyer she must be safe and have good physical balance. A flyer is the girl that gets “thrown around” by other athletes on the team.

There are generally three girls who lift one girl, the one girl being the “flyer”. Being a flyer can be dangerous and difficult. A flyer has to be extremely careful. From balancing on other people to not falling on the competition mat, flying is a very stressful position.

A flyer is the star of the show. She must have a mind ready to take corrections and critiquing from her coaches and the other athletes around her. She must accomplish staying balanced before she can further improve her skill.

Every individual uses balance in their everyday life and they might not even realize it. If balance is broken down, it comes down to something so little. An example is walking. Walking takes a lot of balance.

Cheerleading and flying are not the only activities/sports that revolve around balance. Imaging playing football, soccer, and etc. without having good balance. A person who can barely balance would be falling all over the place in a soccer game or basketball game.  

Balance is used in so many different ways. She uses it physically and mentally. When using balance in a mental way, she must make time for her sport, social life, schoolwork and more. She uses balance in a physical way in cheerleading, or more important, being a flyer. If your balance is off, you could fall or even get hurt.

An interview of Concetta Esposito took place today, February 12, 2018. Concetta is a competitive cheerleader and has strong compassion for the sport. She started cheerleading when she was eight years old. She is eighteen years old now and this is her last and final year.

Unlike the girl in the story, Concetta will not continue to cheer after she graduates High School. Also unlike the girl in the story, Concetta is not a flyer. She is a base. A base uses balance, but in a much different way than a flyer does. A base is not lifted by her teammates because she is a girl who lifts other girls.

Concetta states “I must keep my feet planted on the ground when I am basing my flyer. If I do not keep my feet steady my flyer could fall or get seriously hurt. Now if an incident happens where my flyer is falling, then, I can move my feet in order to catch her or help her.”

Concetta loves the sport and the team she gets the luxury of being a part of.

I also interviewed my friend, Britt Lafferty. She has cheered for seven years and been a part of a few different gyms along the way. She loves the sport and is going to be so sad when it ends.

She states that “Cheerleading has shaped her into the person she is today.”