Movie Review: The Money Pit

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Movie Review: The Money Pit

Emily Leeds, Staff Writer

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The Money Pit starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long is a comedic, action-packed, and cringe-worthy screenplay that is worth your time. Directed by Richard Benjamin, this movie tells the story of two young lovers, Walter and Anna, who wish to leave the chaos of their old life and start anew in a home of their own.

After Anna’s estranged composer husband co

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mes back into their life, the couple decide to buy a country estate outside of the city that is available for a suspiciously low amount of money. After moving in, they realize that this new home is not what they had previously expected.

The house is structurally unsound and the estate begins to fall apart. Audiences see an entire staircase come crashing down and a bath fall right through the ceiling. With almost no money, the couple hire a rag-tag team with an unorthodox method of construction.

This surprise hilarity brings charm to the way the home is represented. Tom Hanks proves he is an amazing actor with his hilarious sound effects, and innocent trouble-making antics. Shelley Long plays a loving character, who makes audiences laugh with her purposeful ignorance of the damage being done around her.

Along with many comedic aspects, this movie shares a love story, as well as a story of redemption. I enjoy every different way this movie presents action and comedy. I would absolutely recommend this film to anyone looking for a fun movie that the whole family would enjoy.